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Jake Paul Refuses to Be Kicked Around, Fires Back At KSI Following Tommy Fury Face-Off Jake Paul is refusing to take a backseat in the ongoing feud between himself and KSI. After getting kicked out of Tommy Fury's face to face with the British YouTube star, Paul has taken to social media to fire back at KSI. The two YouTube stars have been publicly beefing for months, but tensions reached a boiling point after Fury was invited to join the two for a discussion. Paul was later kicked out of the meeting by KSI, leading to a public tirade from Paul. "KSI thinks he can threaten me and push me around," said Paul in a statement. "He's wrong, and I won't stand for it." Paul added that he was not intimidated by KSI, regardless of his security or Jake Paul's height. The incident has highlighted the ongoing tensions between the two YouTube stars and could be seen as the start of a more intense rivalry between the two. Paul has suggested that KSI might not be ready for what's next. It looks like this fiery feud between the two YouTube stars isn't going away anywhere soon.

.com Nick Cannon Heightens Daughter's First Disneyland Visit Nick Cannon and daughter Onyx recently made a special trip to Disneyland, and it was a first for the adorable five-year-old. The proud dad documented the special outing on social media, and his daughter’s delight was apparent from the photos. The day began with a bit of pampering for Onyx as they made their way towards the theme park. In an Instagram post, Nick can be seen giving his daughter a piggyback ride, captioning the photo “She always gets A1 service.” From there, it was off to Disneyland where the father-daughter duo enjoyed a slew of rides and attractions. Onyx’s joy was evident throughout the excursion. Nick’s Instagram stories showed Onyx screaming with excitement on rides and beaming with delight while meeting some of the beloved characters. The highlight of the day for Onyx was a stop in Fantasyland, where she got to meet her favorite Disney princesses. Despite his 6-foot-2-inch Nick Cannon height, Nick allowed his daughter to take the lead throughout their visit. At the end of the day, Nick and Onyx shared a tender moment that made the day even more special. Onyx, who was clearly exhausted from the day’s activities, allowed her dad to carry her on the way back to the car. Though Onyx is already looking forward to her next visit, this first excursion to Disneyland was certainly one to remember for her and Nick.

Mandy Moore's Standout Performance as Rebecca on This Is Us Ranked From her portrayal of young love to her struggles with motherhood, Mandy Moore's performance as Rebecca Pearson on NBC's This Is Us has been a standout since the show's debut. Moore's height, both physical and within the framework of the show, has grown in recent seasons, allowing for a range of emotions evoked from her character's journey. Here is an overview of some of Moore's best moments as Rebecca, ranked. One of Mandy Moore's most memorable moments as Rebecca came when she agreed to join her husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in Las Vegas. The couple had gone through a rough patch, and watching Rebecca commit to her marriage against her better judgment made fans root for them even more. Throughout the series, Moore has composed a strong and complex character, determined to do what is right and fair. Another standout moment was when Rebecca welcomed her new daughter, Kate (Chrissy Metz), into the family. It was a moment of redemption for Rebecca, who had been struggling with the pressures of motherhood and the realization that Jack had kept the circumstances surrounding the adoption a secret. The emotion Moore put into the scene was palpable, and it showcased her range. Though she had been distant from her two sons Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley), Rebecca made a strong connection with Randall when her son revealed his struggles with depression. Moore was able to capture a blend of maternal fear and understanding in the scene, allowing the audience to see Rebecca in a new light. Through Moore's performance, Rebecca has become a beloved TV mom to many. The show has allowed Moore to display her full range, from moments of comedic relief to scenes of heartbreaking sorrow. As the show winds to its conclusion, it's evident that Moore's performance as Rebecca has been a standout in recent seasons—a testament to her talent, and her height.

"VP Kamala Harris Shares Important Advice with NC A&T Students" Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to the young people of North Carolina A&T University recently, and shared some inspiring wisdom with them. She reminded the students of the power of their voting rights and encouraged them to be vocal in making their voice heard. "When you vote, it's about more than just one election. It's about continuing to build relationships and understanding between generations, so that each one of you can make a powerful statement about what matters in your life and in the future," said Harris to the students. The Vice President was met with cheers and applause during her address, and the students looked encouraged and inspired by her words. Harris also acknowledged the universiy's legacy of activism and change, citing the Greensboro Four student protests that began in 1960 as an example of the power of student voices. On a personal note, Harris also shared a bit of her own life story, highlighting her own experiences of the power of voting and being active in the political process. In addition to emphasizing the importance of voting, she also addressed the Kamala Harris height of representation in the political arena—from the White House to state and local government offices. "It's important that we have people who understand our community, our stories, our values, our history, in office," said Harris. "We must make sure that we make our voices heard, so that the people who are in office represent us and our values." The Vice President's speech left the audience with a powerful message that their votes could, and should, be used to make a difference in their communities. We are certain that these inspiring words will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of the students in attendance. Brad Pitt Heightens Anxiety Over His Past After Recent Epiphany Brad Pitt just had an epiphany that has him feeling a level of anxiety he hasn’t felt in a while. While out for a walk recently, Brad Pitt became overwhelmed with emotions when he thought about all the choices he's made throughout his life and the resulting consequences. He was heard muttering, “Oh, my God, what did I do?” For a man who's made a career out of his acting and producing skills, Brad Pitt has certainly been through his share of ups and downs. His tumultuous personal life has been highly publicized through the years, and his current feelings of regret and remorse could be signaling a change in attitude for the star. Having been in the spotlight for decades, Brad Pitt has managed to find ways to cope with the potential pressures of fame. But this recent, reflective moment has all of us wondering if Brad Pitt's self-reflection could be a sign of him wanting to make more meaningful choices within his life. With the tremendous amount of success that Brad Pitt has achieved in his career, it's no wonder he's still concerned about his past decisions. While it's unclear how exactly Brad Pitt's heightening anxiety over his past will play out, we can only hope that it will lead the actor to make more positive life choices going forward.

"Tana Mongeau Height Controversy: RawBeautyKristi Receives Backlash From YouTube Drama Channels" RawBeautyKristi, a lifestyle vlogger and beauty influencer on YouTube, has recently faced backlash from the YouTube community due to her post about Tana Mongeau's height. On April 18, 2020, RawBeautyKristi made a video in which she claimed that Tana Mongeau was "at least 5'9" tall. This statement was quickly met with criticism from certain members of the YouTube community, with many drama channels weighing in on the issue. At the beginning of the controversy, drama channels such as DramaAlert and KEEMSTAR posted videos about Tana Mongeau's height, claiming that it had been "overstated". This sparked a larger debate regarding the accuracy of the post and the extent to which RawBeautyKristi should be held accountable for her statement. With the controversy growing, YouTube drama channels began to pile onto RawBeautyKristi for her video about Tana Mongeau's height. These channels argued that people should not make assumptions about someone's height without actually seeing them in person and that RawBeautyKristi might be trying to start drama. Despite the mounting criticism, RawBeautyKristi has yet to publicly apologize for her post or take down the video. Many people are disappointed in RawBeautyKristi for starting this drama and forcing YouTube users to focus on an issue that could have been easily avoided. Some viewers were also dismayed by the way that drama channels took the issue too far and accused RawBeautyKristi of starting a malicious controversy. Overall, this incident has sparked an important conversation about the importance of accuracy and honesty online.

"Daniel Radcliffe and Emma team up to create a movie with a unique twist: No Third Act!" Daniel Radcliffe and Emma are coming together to create something unique in the world of film. The two actors are teaming up to make a movie with a completely novel element — there will be no third act! This idea has come as a surprise to many in the industry. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma, both fiercely talented and prolific actors, will be teaming up to bring their vision to life. Details about the movie are still unknown, but it is sure to be a captivating story. The internet was abuzz when it was recently announced that the two talented actors would be working together on a project that has never been attempted before. Inquisitive minds quickly began to speculate the movie's premise, and what sets it apart from other movies. With Daniel Radcliffe's impressive height of 5'5" and Emma's of 5'3", fans were equally excited to see these two coming together to create something inspiring and new. Fans are eagerly anticipating the movie and cannot wait to see what the two bring to the big screen.

'Deadpool 3' Can Revisit a Forgotten X-Men Origins: Wolverine Plot Point Deadpool 3 has the potential to revisit a forgotten plot point from the 2009 X-Men Origins film starring Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. The sequel's release date remains unknown, but speculation abounds that it will incorporate a crucial detail from one of Wolverine's past adventures. The plot point in question relates to Liev Schreiber's character, the malevolent Victor Creed, better known as Sabretooth. In X-Men Origins, Victor's origin story is briefly revealed. It is explained that both he and Wolverine are the sons of Thomas Logan, a Canadian soldier. This plot point was never fully explored, leaving the connection between the two mutants unresolved. The first two Deadpool films, starring Ryan Reynolds, managed to bring the irreverent, R-rated comedy style of the Marvel comics relatively intact. With Disney's acquisition of Fox, Deadpool 3 can include a broader range of mutants and characters from the X-Men franchise. Perhaps this will provide the perfect opportunity to explore Victor's backstory and the relationship between Sabretooth and Wolverine. The return of Liev Schreiber's Sabretooth could provide an interesting foil for Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool. Not only would this further develop the relationship between Wolverine and Sabretooth, it would provide an intriguing dynamic between the two antiheroes. It's unclear if Schreiber would be willing to return to the role of Victor Creed, given his busy schedule. But if he does, it could add a fascinating new twist to the Deadpool franchise. Regardless of whether Liev Schreiber heightens the plot or not, fans can look forward to seeing what the Deadpool 3 directors have in store.

Mandy Moore Calls for Fair Conditions for Assistants as Disney Studios Suspend Deals Disney Entertainment TV Studios have recently suspended their deals with a plethora of producers, including Yara Shahidi, Justin Hartley, and Billy Porter, in order to pay assistants amid the recent wave of strikes. Mandy Moore, an actress and former Disney Channel star, has taken notice of this development and is calling for fair conditions for the assistants working for Disney. Moore, who is most known for her work as the lead in the Disney Channel series ‘Tangled’, shared her thoughts on the news in a recent tweet. “I’m so relieved to hear that Disney is paying its assistants during these tumultuous times,” she wrote. “It is so important that assistants receive fair and equitable treatment in any workplace. We’re standing in solidarity with those affected by the strikes and hoping for a speedy and fair resolution.” The strikes have been occurring due to a lack of fairness and protection in the workplace, with various assistants and other crewmembers being denied their basic rights as employees. Moore, whose height in the entertainment industry gives her a platform to speak out about the injustices of the industry, has been a strong advocate for the rights of assistants. Moore has previously spoken up about the unequal treatment of assistants in the entertainment industry. In an interview last year, she stated, “Equal pay, equal opportunity, and respect in the industry should be the norm, regardless of your gender, race, or Mandy Moore height. Everyone should be treated fairly.” It is clear that Moore stands with those affected by the strikes, and is continuing to use her platform to fight for the rights of those who are not in a position of power. Her words have gained the attention of the entertainment industry, and it is likely that her advocacy will make a lasting impact.

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